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before taking this medication, talk to your doctor if you are taking any of the following drugs a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug nsaid such as ibuprofen motrin, advil, others , ketoprofen orudis, orudis kt, oruvail , naproxen naprosyn, aleve, anaprox ; diclofenac voltaren, cataflam , etodolac lodine , fenoprofen nalfon , flurbiprofen ansaid , indomethacin indocin , nabumetone relafen , oxaprozin daypro , piroxicam feldene , sulindac clinoril , or tolmetin tolectin celecoxib celebrex , rofecoxib vioxx , or valdecoxib bextra aspirin or another salicylate form of aspirin such as salsalate disalcid , choline salicylate, or magnesium salicylate a diuretic water pill such as hydrochlorothiazide hctz, hydrodiuril, others , chlorothiazide diuril, others , chlorthalidone thalitone, hygroton , Pills bumetanide bumex , ethacrynic acid edecrin , furosemide lasix , spironolactone aldactone , or amiloride midamor an angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitor ace inhibitor such as benazepril lotensin , captopril capoten , enalapril vasotec , fosinopril monopril , lisinopril prinivil, zestril , moexipril univasc , quinapril accupril , ramipril altace , and others an anticoagulant such as warfarin coumadin a seizure medicine such as carbamazepine tegretol or phenytoin dilantin, phenytek methotrexate rheumatrex, trexall lithium eskalith, lithobid, others cyclosporine sandimmune, neoral you may not be able to take this medication, or you may require a speical dosage or monitoring during treatment if you are taking any of the medicines listed above.

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birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy; a blood thinner ?buy cystone such as warfarin coumadin ; cyclosporine neoral, gengraf, sandimmune ; digoxin digitalis, lanoxin ; insulin or diabetes medications you take by mouth; isoniazid used to treat tuberculosis ; rifampin rifadin, rimactane ; seizure medication such as phenobarbital luminal, solfoton , phenytoin dilantin , carbamazepine carbatrol, tegretol , and others, antibiotics such as azithromycin zithromax , clarithromycin biaxin , erythromycin e-mycin, e.

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because the extent to which this occurs with other liquid vasotec nombre generico y comercial medications is not known, tegretol suspension should not be administered simultaneously with other liquid medicinal agents or diluents see dosage and administration .

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